Shoe sole molding silicone
Product Description
Shoe sole molding silicone is mainly used for shoe molds, sand casting, sole sampling, plaster models, simple products with non-complex patterns, as well as product models with stable size and non-deformation. IS-CR silicone rubbers are your best choice i
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  • Features
  • Application
  • Appearance
  • Notice
  • Datasheet
  • ★ An exceptional fluidity and good operability, easy to remold;
    ★ Excellent Tear and Tensile strength;
    ★ Good resistance to weather, temperature;
    ★ Proper viscosity for pouring or brushing;
    ★ Cost saving, simple operation, and high productivity 
  • ★ shoe molds
    ★ sand casting
    ★ sole sampling
    ★ plaster models
    ★ simple products

  • ★ White,pink,yellow,red,green,blue,purple
    ★ Or as your command
  • IS-ECR series for shoe sole mold making has advantages in price.
    But quality is also very good.

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