Brushable silicone rubber
Product Description
Tin cure brushable silicone rubber are condensation cure silicone with higher viscosity better for brushing. It is specially used for making those large size of products molds by brushing-on way, which could help save molding material.
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  • 1.Thick viscosity, but very good flowability;

    2. No any powder adding to increase density;

    3. Excellent brushing experience, good vertical sticky;

    4. High tear and tensile strength;

    5. No need thixotropic agent to increase viscosity;

    6.. Liquid silicone could be stored more than 12 months.
  • Inno Silica Brushable silicones  are specially suitable for large size of a variety of industrial and art related products moldmaking;
    which including,

    1. Making molds to reproduce large size of prototypes, furniture, sculpture, concrete, plaster, gypsum,products by brushing-on way;

    2. Brushing-on molding for fiber glass, GRC, GRG and artificial stone;

    3. Could also used to brush-on moldmaking for wax/candle crafts, toys, soap craft and statues.
  • ★ Liquid Milky White
    ★ High viscous with good fluidity
  • 1. Inno Silica offer thixotropic agent to increase viscosity if customers required.

    2. Vacuum machine is available to supply together with brushable silicone for better increase the properties of silicone
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