Platinum cure Electronic Potting silicone
Product Description
INNO SILICA Platinum cure Electronic Potting silicone is two-component addition cure liquid silicone rubber that cure under room temperature or by heat. It cures to be elastomer that widely used for sensitive electronic devices,such as wire-bonded ICs a
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    ★ Temperature resistance ranges from -60℃~200;
    ★ Excellent electric property;
    ★ Excellent deep curing performance and certain adhesiveness;
    ★ Water and dust proofing, can meet IP65 rate ;
    ★ Eco friendly;
    ★ Consistent with RoHS ,UL Certificates;
    ★ Low adhesion. Suitable for potting into devices with low-adhesive requirement;

  • Inno Silica® Silicone potting compound IS-PC Series are designed to be applied in potting general electronic components, power module and and printed circuit board, electrical/electronic devices and components  from harsh environments that can include high humidity and moisture, temperature extremes, mildew and dirt. 
  • Transparent/Wite/Black.. and customized
    Before you begin, accurately weigh Part A and Part B.  Put Parts A and B into mixing container, mix thoroughly couple of minutes to make sure that you scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing container several times. After mixing parts A and B, vacuum degassing is recommended to eliminate any entrapped air in mixture. Vacuum time should be around 5~8 minutes.
    2. DE-AIRING
    Can use natural deaerating and vacuum method.
    Natural deaerating: let the mixed glue rest for 20- 30 minutes;
    The vacuum deaerating: take 5-10 minutes at vacuum degree 0.09- 0.1 MPa.
    Pouring - Before potting, the surface of parts and the mixing container keep clean and dry.)  Encapsulate the mixture into the products to finish the pouring operation.
    4. Curing / Post Curing
    Vulcanizing:  Put the sealed product in room temperature and let it cure  in natural condition. It needs 6-8 hrs for complete curing in room temperature. If you need to speed up, you can accelerate the curing process in higher temperature. Generally, it would take 60 mins to cure completely under 60℃; 30 mins under 80℃ and  20mins at 120℃.
    Properly store under room temperature: 12 months
     40kg/ set (component A 20kg and component B 20kg)
    Some materials,chemical,curing agent,plasticizer can control the gel material’s curing. There are are including:
    1. organotin and other metallorganic compound
    2. sulphur, polysulfide, polysulfone and other sulfur-containing
    3. amine, polyester rubber and other ammoniac
    4. phosphorig and other phosphorig-containing
    5. acid materials (organic acid)
    6. Some flux residues
    If any doubt that whether some kind of material would restrain the curing, we suggest a experiment test for the suitability before mass production.

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