Tin cured Electronic potting silicone
Product Description
INNO SILICA IS-PC Series are two components room temperature tin-cured liquid silicone potting adhesive. When curing, it releases ethanol molecules, has no corrosion to PC (Poly-carbonate), PP, ABS, PVC, copper wire, and etc.
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    ★ Excellent adhesive force;
    ★ Low viscosity to pot into small details;
    ★ good waterproof and anti-aging properties;
    ★ Deep curing;
    ★ Consistent with RoHS, and related environmental requirements;
    ★ Excellent adhesion. Suitable for potting into devices with adhesive requirement;

  • Inno Silica® IS-PCT Series are designed to be applied sealing protection of electronics devices, like LED module,
    PCB circuit, etc., the deep potting of circuit modules, auto electronic modules, ignition modules, electronic components;
    and the encapsulation of LED backlight unit, light-fixture, cable accessories, HID light power module, and so on

  • White, Black, Red..color adjustable 

    Before you begin, accurately weigh Part A and Part B.  Put Parts A and B into mixing container, mix thoroughly couple of minutes to make sure that you scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing container several times. After mixing parts A and B, vacuum degassing is recommended to eliminate any entrapped air in mixture. Vacuum time should be around 5~8 minutes.
    2. DE-AIRING
    Can use natural de-airing and vacuum method.
    Natural de-airing: let the mixed glue rest for 20- 30 minutes;
    The vacuum de-airing: take 5-10 minutes at vacuum degree 0.09- 0.1 MPa.
    Pouring - Before potting, make sure the surface of parts and the mixing container keep clean and dry.)  Encapsulate the mixture into the products to finish the pouring operation.
    4. Curing / Post Curing
    Put the sealed product in room temperature for curing; after primary curing, the product may go to the next process, and the complete curing take 8-24 hours. The higher temperature, the shorter curing time is. Please do not heat the potting device before the bubbles release from the mixture in curing process. After its primary curing, you can take heat curing method (the temperature should be under 60℃) to accelerating curing. To cure completely, we suggest putting the potting devices in room temperature for 3 days for post curing.
    Properly store under room temperature: 6 months
     22kg/ set (component A 20kg and component B 2kg)

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