Food grade silicone for DIY silicone dolls
Product Description
Inno Silica special developed Food grade silicone for DIY silicone dolls is platinum cure, two-component with 1:1 mixing ratio. It is light viscous, easy de-air and convenient operation. The silicone is widely used in making dolls and toys or sex dolls.
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  • 1. Good flowability;

    2. 1:1 light liquid, easy to be used in dropping, injection;

    3. Silicone cured to be ductile and touch soft and smooth;

    4. Easy colorized, surface smooth;

    5. Excelltent tear and elongtation, dolls durable;

    6. Long storage life, available in small bottle package.
  • Inno Silica special developed food grade siilcone is not only for dolls and toys making, but also including but not limited in following 

    1. DIY for baby dolls, toys, puppets, garage kits

    2. Used for sex dolls or sex toys;

  • ★ Liquid liquid translucent or colorized
    ★ Good fluidity
  • 1. Inno Silica offer pigment for colorized the silicone as per request.

    2. Vacuum machine is available to supply together with silicone for better increase the properties and looking of silicone
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