Polyurethane Rubber
Product Description
Polyurethane rubber are two-part, liquid mold rubbers can be poured or sprayed to make molds that cure at room temperature. They are the most versatile, easy-to-use and cost-effective mold materials available.
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  • Appearance
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  • ★ Most Versatile
    ★ Easy to use
    ★ Cost effective
    ★ High durable time
    • ★ Good fluidity,Easy Mixing
      ★ Can be both pouring and brush
      ★ Less bubble
      ★ Penetrate fine details
      ★ Long shelf life
      • ★ Good fluidity
        ★ Easy Mixing
        ★ Less bubble
        ★ Penetrate fine details
         Long shelf life
      • ★Gypsum/ plaster mould making
        ★Concrete/cement/stone molding
        ★Sculpture and decor reproduction
        ★Limited resin casting
      • limited resin casting (polyurethaneepoxy and polyester)
      • limited resin casting (polyurethaneepoxy and polyester)

  • Amber,customized
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