Silicone Putty
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IS-SP Silicone Putty Products are new silicone compounds (platinum catalyst) that can be easily mixed and applied by hand to a variety of surfaces.IS-SP Putty is mixed in equal amounts (1A:1B) by volume/weight. Its Shrinkage is very low and cured rubber i
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  • • Easy mix by hand with 1A:1B;
    • Ideal for small molds;
    • Excellent detail duplication;
    Possibility of casting the model immediately after disinfection;
    • High Heatrange, up to 300C;
    • Excellent dimension stability;
    • Self releasing, no mold release agentneeded;
    • Odorless, Non Toxic, Food Grade.

  • Ideal for a wide range of impression type mold applications including tooth molding in dental clinic, and wax, baking, chocolate, ice cubes, soap,plaster, air dry clay, and low mel-tmetals. It is also suitable for making fast mold impressions from almost any surface, orthopedic, equine hoof  repair and jewelry fast molding.
  • Paste in red,pink, blue color at part Part B, white color in Part A 
    Although not usually necessary, a release agent will make demolding easier when pouring into or over most surfaces.
    IMPORTANT: To ensure thorough coverage, lightly brush the release agent with a soft brush over all surfaces of the model. Follow with a light mist coating and let the release agent dry for 30 minutes.If there is any question about the effectiveness of a sealer/release agent combination, a small-scale test should be made on an identical surface for trial.
    This product is mixed by hand. If you choose to wear gloves, wear vinyl gloves only. Latex gloves will inhibit the cure of the rubber.
    Measuring - Silicone Putty comes as two parts. Dispense equal amounts (golf ball size, for example) of Part A and Part B. These products have a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible.
    Mixing -Knead parts together aggressively to a uniform color and apply quickly. It gives you about 5-30 minutes to mix and apply.
    Applying - Putty can be applied directly to almost any model surface (see preparation above).
    Curing - Allow the rubber to cure at room temperature (73°F/23°C) before removing from model surface. Applying heat (heat gun, hair dryer, heat lamp, etc.) will cause the rubber to cure faster. Because no two applications are quite the same, a small test application to determine suitability for your project is recommended if performance of this material is in question.
    Mold Performance & Storage - The physical life of the mold depends on how you use it (materials cast, frequency, etc.). Casting
    abrasive materials such as concrete can quickly erode mold detail, while casting non-abrasive materials (wax) will not affect mold detail.
    Before storing, the mold should be cleaned with a soap solution and wiped fully dry. Two part (or more) molds should be assembled.
    Molds should be stored on a level surface in a cool, dry environment.

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