Foaming Silicone
Product Description
The primary foaming silicone is in liquid form, two parts with 1:1 mixing ratio, which belongs to platinum cured system. It is a kind of eco-friendly, food grade silicone, which is suitable for cushion, pillow, filler for silicone dolls, health care produ
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  • Features
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  • Notice
  • Datasheet
  • 1. Food grade, safe to human boday and eco-friendly;

    2. No-smell, non-toxic;

    3. Good rebounding ability, Excellent and evenly foamabiliy, more than 4~5 times;

    4. Could be workable under wide range temperature from -40-220℃; fire rating: 94V-0

    5. Fine and smooth in Foam pore size;

    6. Light weight and good elastic after foaming;

  • 1. As filler for silicone dolls, fake breast and other silicone life casting products;

    2. Making shoe sole products;

    3. Making pillows, cushion to replace foaming polyurethane products.

    4. Other foaming silicone products.

  • Both Part A and Part B are Liquid translucent, and could be colorized.

  • When mixing part A and part B, need to work with high speed stiring.
  • Please contact: or Wa: +86 15768639143 to get the recommended type of foaming silicone and data sheet.
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