Candles / Soap / Hobbies / Crafts

Inno Silica provide both tin cure silicone and platinum cure silicone for candels,sopa,hobbies,crafts molding .
We offer 05-25 shore A condensation cure silicone and addition cure silicone rubber with excellent tear and tensile strength.
Also provide silicone putty for these application.

Available products for candles/soap/hobbies/crafts molding silicone rubber:
► Condensation (tin) cure silicone rubber
► Addition (platinum) cure silicone rubber
► Silicone putty

Available items for candles/soap/hobbies/crafts molding silicone rubber:
► IS-CR series
► IS-ARL series
► IS-SP series

The best seller of candles/soap/hobbies/crafts molding silicone rubber:

♦ IS-CR15 / IS-CR20